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You deserve a break from all that scrubbing and cleaning. Clean windows tell a story, and we want it to be a squeaky clean one. We understand how annoyed you must feel to find a dead insect caught between the window sills. Why worry when you have Touch Of Glass Window Cleaning Service! We're insured, and come with 15 years of experience.

Who doesn't like their windows clean and tidy, and bug-free! Hire us and we'll scrub your glass windows to their true shiny self. You want your windows to be clean and clear, and free of insects and fingerprints, we'll do that for you.

Get your windows shiny clean, while keeping dead insects and dirt out and away from your windows! Hire us now for a streak-free finish.

Keep your glass shiny new,

and sparkling clean

When you have us clean your glass windows, you know you're in good hands. We're insured, and bring with us 15 years of dedication and good service. Hire us to have all your glass windows cleaned to a sparkle. We donate some portion of money to a Veteran charity.

10% discount for our veterans and soldiers. Call us to know more:


Stressed out scrubbing your windows?

Cleaner and shinier glass

We do all of this and more

In business for 15 years and going strong